It all began with a walnut tree in the forest.

Cotch is a fashion and hair accessories brand born out of walnut trees in the Japanese forest.
We carve detailed designs while preserving the wood’s gentle expression,
and finish the products with astringent persimmon liquid and beeswax.
Cotch’s little items reconnect people and the forest,
perpetuating the cycle of forest trees while realising both fashion and sustainability.

It looks like a sweet!
A brooch that accompanies various ‘kawaii’ items

Items you want to wear daily reflect your true self. Put a brooch on your jacket, dress, stole or bag to make you feel happy and excited.

Ear accessories like antiques
tucked away in a drawer

Cotch items are made from Japanese walnut trees that have grown over time. Although new, it feels as if you have enjoyed wearing them for a long time. You will, of course, still love them even after many years of use.

An unpretentious accessory
for when you are not dressing up

Necklaces that have a natural feeling go well with washed-out cotton shirts or linen dresses and are suitable for occasions when you want to dress down.

An effortless design allows you
to be stylish and relaxed

You would still want to look stylish even when relaxing at home or going somewhere nearby, not just when going on a date.

Always select this when you can’t decide
Hair accessories for frequent use

Hairpins are excellent additions to simple outfits. You’ll look more stylish if you wear two or three of them together or link them to earrings or a brooch.

Cotch fosters the cycle of forest trees and contributes to the achievement of SDGs.

Cotch items are made from Japanese walnut trees.
Around 70% of Japan’s land is covered in forest. Since ancient times, Japanese people have benefited from the rich forests, which have allowed them to build houses and make tools out of wood. However, many forests have become degraded due to poor maintenance. In degraded forests, plants do not grow under the trees, as the sunlight does not reach the ground. Exposed soil is sometimes washed away by heavy rain. An important function of forests is to absorb and accumulate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and prevent global warming, but degraded forests are unable to fulfil this function.
To ensure that forests can perform their many inherent functions, it is important to go through the cycle of planting, growing and using trees. Cotch fosters the cycle of forest trees by breathing new life into pieces of wood and turning them into accessories.