Every time you wear it, you become more kind


Cotch’s core values

Cotch is a fashion and hair accessories brand founded by a graphic designer in Kanazawa City, a well-known craft town in Ishikawa Prefecture.
The designer wishes to create things that resonate with the Japanese culture, climate and natural environment; to propose items that go far beyond the ‘norm’ and appeal to the users’ sensibilities; and to not merely provide consumables but promote a value that could be passed on to the next generation. Cotch was born out of these desires.

How a Cotch item is made

For each Cotch item, we use a laser to carve a detailed design on Japanese walnut wood and carefully apply, by hand, natural paints – astringent persimmon liquid and beeswax – to each one of them.
To enhance the charm of the wood itself, we avoid over-decorating them, but at the same time won’t forget the playfulness that makes fashion fun. Modern technology and senses are combined with traditional Japanese materials and techniques to create classic but novel fashion and hair accessories. We have also carefully considered the cute, cheerful packaging.

How to use a Cotch item

Cotch items are characterised by their soft texture and lightness, unlike precious metal jewellery, so you can wear them for any occasion and take them anywhere with you, such as when going on an outing, travelling and to the office; not just when spending time at home. You’ll enjoy seeing them change colour over time, which is unique to natural materials.