Company NameFor on Co.,Ltd.
Address1-2-32 3F, Hirosaka, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0962 Japan
Tel + 81-76- 231-6550
FoundedAugust, 2003
EstablishedMarch, 2015
RepresentativeTAKAHASHI Seiji
Main BankHokkoku Bank; Korinbo Branch,  MUFG Bank; Kanazawa Branch
Main BusinessManufacture and sale of wooden accessories

Management Philosophy
■We are aiming at continuing to have a positive impact on our society.
■We build a relationship of trust with customers and suppliers.
■We are strive to create and provide what is needed in modern society.
■We give consideration for human health and reduce the environmental burdens of products throughout their entire life cycle. ■We offer the products for everyday use that are fully enjoyed with all the senses.

Exhibition Participation
● Paper Show 2005 “Typography/Korea”(2005)
● Paper Show 2006 “CURIOUS/Strange Cosmos”(2006)
● The 120th anniversary “KENKO” memory exhibition(2006)
● Paper Show 2007 “Folding Fan”(2007) 
● The Country full of Sensu “Cool Japan”(2007)
● Paper Show 2008 Kanazawa Design Stream “Saigawa River, Asanogawa River”(2008)
● Gift: Designer ribbons for our future(2008)
●Ishikawa Graphic Design in Korea “Ishikawa, Kanazawa -Mind and Shape-”(2009)
● “Yes and No in Design”(2009)”Food and Cloth”(2009-2010)
● Creator EXPO Tokyo Vol.1(2012)
● Kanazawa Craft Marche(2013)
● Include design and limited art, INDELART Exhibition(2014)
● Kanazawa Craft Marche(2014)
● “Tasty and Beautiful” Kanazawa, Kaga, Noto(2014)
● For on Exhibition -Design Craft to Express Your Feeling-(2015)
● Loft Kanazawa ”Hyakumangoku Loft Marche”(2015)
● Tokyo International Gift Show in Autumn(2015)
●  Kanazawa Craft Marche(2015)
● Include design and limited art,  INDELART Exhibition vol.2(2015)
●“Tasty and Beautiful” Kanazawa, Kaga, Noto(2016)
●Kaga-hyakumangoku Noren Market Vol.27(2016)
●dining gallery Ginza no Kanazawa, BOX Gallery(2016)
●Certified as an Ishikawa Brand(2016)
●Loft Kanazawa 1st Anniversary “Hyakumangoku Loft Marche”(2016)
●Certified as a Kanazawa Kagayaki Brand(2016)
● Tokyo International Gift Show in Autumn(2016)
● KOGEI Marche(2016)
● Tokyo International Gift Show in Autumn(2017)
● KOGEI Marche(2017)
● rooms EXPERIENCE 36(2018)
● dining gallery Ginza no Kanazawa “A Girl Waiting for Spring”(2018)
● gallery Ginza no Kanazawa
● KOGEI Marche (2018)
● The 86th Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2018 (2018)
● ACTIVE CREATORS(Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2019 6th Annual LIFE×DESIGN) (2019)
● KOGEI Marche (2019)
● ACTIVE CREATORS STORE(The 61st Osaka International Gift Show 2019) (2019)
● manicolle tokyo vol,33 in Gift Show(2020)
● KOGEI Marche (2020)
● Jewelry Week 2020 (2020)