Cotch uses beeswax made of 100% natural ingredients


A substance produced by honey bees

Beeswax is a substance collected from the hives of honey bees. It is used for various purposes, such as in the production of candles, in cosmetics for its moisturising properties, and for surface protection and the glossing of wood and leather products.
Fashion and hair accessories often come into contact with the skin, so Cotch applies astringent persimmon liquid to our items and finishes by adding 100% natural beeswax blended with vegetable oil.

Safe for children to lick

Unlike petrochemicals, such as petroleum wax, urethane and varnish, beeswax does not prevent wood from controlling its moisture content. It gently protects a wood surface while enhancing its grain, and gives a natural lustre and water repellence.
The beeswax that we use is manufactured in Japan pursuant to European standard EN71-3. It is, therefore, safe for children to lick once dry.