Cotch connects people and the forest.


Walnut trees have stayed close to Japanese people’s lives

The Japanese walnut tree (Juglans mandshurica var. sieboldiana) is a deciduous tree that grows naturally in the mountains of various parts of Japan. Its edible seeds grow fast and have good workability, so they have been crafted into life tools since the olden days.
Though the colour of Japanese walnut wood varies depending on the part of the tree, it gives a bright impression overall. Black walnut from North America is different from Japanese walnut and has a darker brown colour than the light-coloured Japanese walnut.

Fashion and hair accessories that have different expressions

Japanese walnut wood is neither too soft nor too hard and has moderate stickiness, thus making it easier to perform precise cutting, carving or other processes. When polished, it will have a natural lustre and achieve a good finish, making it an excellent material for fashion and hair accessories. The colour shades and expressions that differ depending on the wood and part of the tree are also part of the unique charm of natural materials.
Small Cotch items are contributing to the circulation of Japanese forest resources.